NCReport Changelog

All notable changes to NCReport project will be documented in this file.

[2.30.0] - 30 Jun 2024


  • Barcode Item: 3 different Zint int options for some special barcode features
  • Added updated documentation (NCReportBook.pdf)
  • Email sending functions gets removed
  • All qDebug() references in the code have been encapsulated in NCREPORT_DEBUG_OUTPUT.


  • Updated the old logo based graphics
  • Other internal fixes

[2.29.2] - 30 Apr 2024


  • iOS compatibility improvements


  • Other minor internal fixes

[2.29.1] - 29 Dec 2023


  • QPrinter custom configuration feature with customizePrinter(QPrinter*) signal
  • Document name in printing


  • Zint fixes
  • Enabled larger QR code support
  • Other fixes

[2.29.0] - 20 Oct 2023


  • Field - zero value substitution string feature
  • Preview output programmable font size factor (API)
  • Designer does not produce unnecessary diffs when saving generated XML report template


  • Conditional formatting issue when using QJSEngine
  • Print Preview Form font size issue on MacOS
  • Zint Lib and VC2015 compiler fix
  • Zint MSVC compiler issue fix
  • Other internal fixes

[2.28.1] - 03 May 2023


  • Zint library compiler errors
  • Other minor fixes

[2.28.0] - 07 Feb 2023


  • New version (2.12.0) of Zint library has been implemented
  • LibZint library using Zint back end as shared lib
  • Latest Zint barcode symbology support
  • Barcode native or fast rendering mode option
  • Additional Qt4 compatibility fixes
  • NCReportSection class changed to a plain class
  • Other minor fixes

[2.27.2] - 29 Dec 2022


  • Qt4 compatibility fixes
  • SVG output path name fix
  • Cross Table crash fix

[2.27.1] - 03 Oct 2022


  • Programmable QLocal setting for number formatting (i.e m_report->reportDef()->setLocale( QLocale(QLocale::English, QLocale::UnitedKingdom) );
  • Number Currency print based on QLocale (number format: C)


  • Qt6 compatibility fixes (QPdfWriter based PDF printing page size issue fix)
  • MSVC compiler issue fix (version number)
  • Version numbering reversed back
  • Minor projectinternal fixes

[2.27.0] - 30 Sep 2022


  • Qt4 backward compatibility updates
  • Parameter data source improvement
  • Zint 3rd party library is compiled as (separated) shared lib -> -lzint / -lzintd
  • Table View item features improvement: auto row height support, fixed font size support
  • report engine debug library was renamed from NCReportDebug to NCReportd


  • Qt6 compatibility fixes (page size identifiers)
  • Table item fixes
  • Version number handling updates
  • Other minor internal fixes

[2.26.1] - 30 Apr 2022


  • Table Item without table view support. It’s possible to print a QStandardItemModel without having an item view
  • Explicit directory path setting for report related files (data source, report template, images …) with application level properties: PATH0 - PATH9. It can be set via qApp->setProperty(“PATHx”, dirPath);
  • Report Designer API feature improvements
  • Poland translation added (Thanks to my one of the Poland customers!)


  • Group Header Print Lock issue when section auto height is applied
  • SQL query fails if SQL statement ends with semicolon
  • Zint fixes
  • Several internal fixes

[2.26.0] - 31 Jan 2022


  • Qt6 Compability. Note that minor differences can be noticed compared to Qt5
  • Optional insert a page break after printing an item (can be turn on at the item property dialog)
  • Updated Poland translation
  • Script function evaluation without <% %>


  • Justified field/label looses the alignment
  • Several other internal fixes

[2.25.1] - 20 Jul 2021


  • QJSEngine as member object in evaluator
  • Table item custom cell drawing feature
  • Progress signal within the table view item


  • Running a report that has a group without a header suspends the program
  • Rotated text item issue in the designer
  • rotated barcode - designer issue
  • Other internal fixes

[2.25.0] - 31 Mar 2021


  • Sub-section for group headers - sub-details can belong to a group header
  • Detail section can be repeated by a variable’s value
  • Native Qt markdown support when using Qt5.14 or greater


  • Labels mode: page break problem when labels are on more than 1 page
  • Several minor internal fixes

[2.24.2] - 21 Dec 2020


  • 0071983: [Report engine library] Access to batch sub-reports
  • 0071986: [Designer] Default value is missing from the variable editor
  • 0071989: [General] Dynamic date format for dates
  • 0071987: [General] Feature: Insert a unique (B) page after every n page


  • Several internal engine fixes

[2.24.1] - 03 Aug 2020

  • 0071982: [General] Optional Page break after printing an item (administrator)
  • 0071981: [General] Internal fixes and updates (administrator)
  • 0071978: [Designer] Replacing parent key column empty value with user-defined value (administrator)

[2.24.0] - 01.Jun.2020


  • 0071973: [Report engine library] Preview page mouse click events handling (administrator)
  • 0071974: [Report engine library] Evaluating QPainter::begin()’s and QPainter::::end()’s return value (bool) (administrator)
  • 0071975: [Report engine library] PDF output to set the creator (administrator)


  • 0071977: [General] Internal fixes and updates (administrator)
  • 0071972: [Report engine library] Excel output (markup language output) wrong position problem (administrator)

[2.23.4] - 24.Dec.2019

  • 0071971: [General] XLS/HTML ou- tput rowspan (administrator)
  • 0071970: [Report engine library] HTML output image file relative path (administrator)
  • 0071968: [Report engine library] Turning off Zint dependency still requires Zint lib (administrator)
  • 0071967: [Report engine library] batch report fixes, null pointer fixes (administrator)
  • 0071964: [Report engine library] Text document print - crash fix when long break html text (administrator)
  • 0071966: [Report engine library] graphics view item scaling fix (administrator)
  • 0071965: [General] Multiple SQL commands support in SQL data source (administrator)
  • 0071959: [Designer] MacOSX data source dialog - the combo box values are not considered (administrator)
  • 0071962: [Report engine library] Relative path to the external file - regression to 0071674 (administrator)
  • 0071963: [Report engine library] Preview window to make the saving state optional (administrator)

[2.23.3] - 30.Sep.2019

  • 0071958: [Report engine library] Preview window optional status bar / menu (administrator)
  • 0071957: [Report engine library] fix QSqlTableModel view bug: Integer values are missing (administrator)
  • 0071954: [General] Several minor fixes (administrator)
  • 0071956: [Report engine library] Data source opening order by data source ID (administrator)
  • 0071955: [Report engine library] Unwanted page break after group header (administrator)
  • 0071950: [General] PDF/A, PDF1.6 support in PDF output. (administrator)

[2.23.2] - 02.Maj.2019

  • 0071941: [Report engine library] MacOSX Framework settings - to make the lib more XCode friendly. (administrator)
  • 0071942: [General] Make unnecessary subprojects optional: preview, demos (administrator)
  • 0071944: [Report engine library] Separate NCReportZint debug and release version (administrator)
  • 0071943: [General] Encountered some build issues with NCReport when special configure options. (administrator)
  • 0071945: [General] Qt::TextWrapAnywhere optional for texts and fields (administrator)
  • 0071948: [General] Extensions, features, subprojects - optional compile (administrator)
  • 0071947: [Report engine library] Auto fit the NCReport Preview window width to the 1:1 page width. (administrator)
  • 0071946: [Designer] Drag & Drop open report file in Designer (administrator)
  • 0071940: [Report engine library] Variable in XML data source file name (administrator)
  • 0071938: [Report engine library] crash during ‘runReportToText()’ in case of missing target directory (administrator)

[2.23.1] - 21.Jan.2018

  • 0071936: [General] Minor internal fixes (administrator)
  • 0071932: [Report engine library] Anchor to page footer doesn’t work if page break occurs (administrator)
  • 0071933: [Report engine library] Barcode text is always on, the show barcode text check box doesn’t work (administrator)
  • 0071934: [Designer] Variable dialog: MAX type is not considered on apply (administrator)
  • 0071935: [General] Reset page number in sub report iteration. (administrator)

[2.23.0] - 30.Oct.2018

  • 0071930: [General] Internal fixes (administrator)
  • 0071929: [General] Zint Barcode Library integration (administrator)
  • 0071925: [Designer] crash when closing application via ‘qApp->quit()’ (administrator)
  • 0071926: [General] Using ‘QPointer’ instead of ’NCReportDataSource *’ (administrator)
  • 0071927: [Report engine library] Rename NCReportDebug to NCReportd (administrator)
  • 0071928: [Report engine library] unnecessary page break after report footer (administrator)

[2.22.3] - 31.Jul.2018

  • 0071920: [General] Language + Country support for multilingual reports (administrator)
  • 0071919: [Report engine library] empty PDF when using custom size and runReportToPdfWriter() (administrator)
  • 0071914: [Report engine library] Combining ‘common NCReport’ and ‘NCREPORT_NO_DESKTOP’ into the same DLL (administrator)
  • 0071923: [Report engine library] Deactivate saving the filename as qApp-property optionally (administrator)
  • 0071924: [Designer] Qt 5.11 QButtonGroup include issue (administrator)
  • 0071922: [Report engine library] pdf output - landscape not respected (administrator)
  • 0071921: [Report engine library] Page orientation ignored by the printer (administrator)
  • 0071917: [Report engine library] runReportToPdfWriter issue when custom paper size is set (administrator)

[2.22.2] - 31.Mar.2018

  • 0071916: [General] Severel internal fix and update (administrator)
  • 0071914: [Report engine library] Combining ‘common NCReport’ and ‘NCREPORT_NO_DESKTOP’ into the same DLL (administrator)
  • 0071915: [Report engine library] Icon missing produces crash in macOS due to Qt Bug (administrator)
  • 0071913: [Designer] Resizing report items by keyboard shortcut Shift + Arrows (administrator)

[2.22.1] - 31.Oct.2017

  • 0071912: [Report engine library] add Null-Pointer check? (administrator)
  • 0071901: [General] Reset pageno between groups optionally (administrator)
  • 0071902: [General] Table Item - optional decimal point setting (administrator)
  • 0071911: [Report engine library] Qt Chart items / Graphics View Items was wrong scaling on report outputs (administrator)
  • 0071897: [Report engine library] Extra blank page (administrator)
  • 0071903: [Report engine library] setCurrentLanguage method to change current local settings. This should be optional. (administrator)
  • 0071910: [Report engine library] In Batch report mode needs a signal when a sub-report starts (administrator)
  • 0071909: [General] Numerous internal fixes (administrator)
  • 0071908: [Report engine library] Unwanted margin around rich text item, it should be removed. (administrator)
  • 0071904: [General] Html Text alignment based on data model (administrator)
  • 0071906: [Designer] Designer problem with SQL datasources and slow queries (administrator)

[2.22.0] - 08.Aug.2017

  • 0071878: [General] Errors during make process on macOS Sierra 10.12.5 (administrator)
  • 0071868: [General] set resolution via Designer (administrator)
  • 0071892: [General] NCReport Console: Windows - New generated PDF doesn’t overwrite existing PDF (administrator)
  • 0071882: [General] Page footer optional show/hide depending on page number (administrator)
  • 0071875: [Report engine library] count-variable miscounts (administrator)
  • 0071894: [General] Depracated QtScript to move to QJSEngine under Qt5 (administrator)
  • 0071895: [Designer] add Null-Pointer check (administrator)
  • 0071893: [General] Script functions to accept parameters (administrator)
  • 0071887: [Designer] group expression modifications ignored (administrator)
  • 0071890: [General] Optional configuring the system default screen resolution (96dpi / 120dpi) (administrator)
  • 0071884: [General] Text item in plain text mode: to have alignment option. (administrator)
  • 0071883: [Designer] Break to page option for Field item (administrator)

[2.20.1] - 31.Maj.2017

  • 0071874: [General] Details: related child details for printing complex detail with page break (administrator)
  • 0071878: [General] Errors during make process on macOS (administrator)
  • 0071837: [Designer] Data source dialog: Access Parameters or any parameter insert helper (administrator)
  • 0071840: [Report engine library] Incorrect breaking table when page breaks (administrator)
  • 0071868: [General] set resolution via Designer (administrator)
  • 0071876: [Report engine library] Blank first page when group starts on new page. (administrator)
  • 0071869: [Designer] Registering custom roles of data source with assigned symbol (administrator)
  • 0071870: [Report engine library] Setting default role of data source (administrator)
  • 0071873: [Report engine library] Preview -> Pdf; Pdf size issue under Qt5 (administrator)

[2.20.3] - 29.Apr.2017

  • 0071841: [Report engine library] NCReport::runReportToPdf gives failed assertion when called in non-GUI thread (administrator)
  • 0071863: [General] Several minor fixes and updates (administrator)
  • 0071862: [General] QGraphicsView Print Support for printing Qt5 Charts or any QGraphicsView content (administrator)
  • 0071857: [Report engine library] Major data source management error (administrator)
  • 0071860: [Report engine library] Missing Hungarian translation for tooltip (administrator)
  • 0071858: [Designer] “Use model appearance roles” skips the normal style options (administrator)
  • 0071861: [Report engine library] First value missing in double-pass-mode (administrator)

[2.20.2] - 31.Mar.2017

  • 0071856: [General] Minor fixes, updates (administrator)
  • 0071853: [Report engine library] Data relation system classes - clarification (administrator)
  • 0071854: [Report engine library] TableView item: logical/visual index is not correct when user reorders the table columns (administrator)
  • 0071855: [Report engine library] Console mode compile/running support of report engine. (Without X server) (administrator)
  • 0071838: [Designer] Data Source Dialog: SQL tester easy go back to the query (administrator)
  • 0071852: [Report engine library] TableView item HTML output features (administrator)
  • 0071847: [Report engine library] page-break twice (administrator)
  • 0071848: [Report engine library] icon for ‘NCReportPreviewWindowPrivate::actionGo’ (administrator)
  • 0071849: [Report engine library] text cut off in case of: AutomaticHeigth & WordWrapping (administrator)

[2.20.1] - 03.Jan.2017

  • 0071817: [Designer] Sub Report will freeze if subquery returns no resultset (administrator)
  • 0071818: [General] saving to PDF from the preview no warning if the PDF file is opened (blocked) (administrator)
  • 0071845: [General] Several minor fixes, internal fixes (administrator)
  • 0071776: [General] Field: Data Type ‘Duration’ (administrator)
  • 0071843: [Report engine library] Barcode printing: QProcess error if QT_NO_PROCESS is defined (administrator)
  • 0071844: [Designer] NCRDMainWindow::updateMenus() mnRun pointer error (administrator)
  • 0071839: [General] Font size difference in PDF output and screen/designer under Mac (administrator)
  • 0071842: [Report engine library] Data source relations - endless loop when no data in (middle) child data source (administrator)
  • 0071834: [Designer] label for data-source in designer’s data-source-tree (administrator)

[2.20.0] - 30.Sep.2016

  • 0071833: [General] Sub projects to use NCReport library instead of static integration (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071832: [General] Several minor fixes, internal fixes (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071825: [Report engine library] Pivot Table printing problem (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071826: [Report engine library] run report as PDF into QByteArray (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071827: [Report engine library] New preview window module (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071828: [Report engine library] Table view item - optional keeping aspect ratio (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071829: [Designer] Designer and Preview window - to enlarge the standard design screen resolution (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071830: [General] New GUI icon design (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071831: [Report engine library] preview-window: export to excel (administrator) - resolved.

[2.19.2] - 04.Jul.2016

  • 0071822: [Report engine library] Table view printing - to support tree view (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071823: [General] Several minor fixes, internal fixes (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071820: [Designer] Lines to support 2nd point coordinates in property editor (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071821: [Designer] Line item - better support of selecting - to make it more responsive (administrator) - resolved.

[2.19.1] - 16.Apr.2016

  • 0071811: [Report engine library] NCReport::addReportToBatch (administrator) - resolved.

[2.19.0] - 29.Feb.2016

  • 0071480: [General] LABEL printing system (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071807: [General] Minor fixes in report engine and designer GUI (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071805: [Report engine library] Report source class to convert to pointer based. (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071806: [General] Endless, pageless media support (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071804: [General] Report source factory to better support custom report source management (administrator) - resolved.

[2.18.0] - 21.Dec.2015

  • 0071800: [Report engine library] HTML Text document report was not working sometimes (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071796: [General] SVG image as (svg xml) parameter (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071681: [General] Generate Table of Contents from sections (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071794: [Report engine library] Static SVG image with SVG format not printed (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071797: [General] QPrinter support (printsupport) usage to make optional. (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071798: [General] QPdfWriter output introduction for supporting PDF output without printing support. (administrator) - resolved.
  • Other fixes

[2.17.0] - 15.Nov.2015

  • 0071780: [Designer] progress-bar in Designer (run report multiple times) (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071778: [General] Barcode: Print only when no error (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071779: [Report engine library] NCRDItemWidgetFactory: ‘Q_OBJECT’-macro missing (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071791: [Designer] Report item validation check if the item can be placed to a section (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071664: [Report engine library] Group footer: access to first/last row of that group (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071781: [Report engine library] no report preview when variable uses ‘<%…%>’ and ‘not existing column’ (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071790: [Designer] Save Custom configuration text in Designer (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071787: [General] Data sources to enable/disable in the report (administrator) - resolved.
  • Several minor fixes

[2.16.0] - 21.Jul.2015

  • 0071433: [Report engine library] Conditional formatting for Shapes (Rectangle, ellipse, line) (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071761: [General] To make Field settings dialog customisable for managing custom options. (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071777: [General] Dynamic, data driven shape color and line width (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071775: [General] Dynamic, data driven x, y positions and height (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071542: [Report engine library] Change page orientation while printing (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071753: [Designer] Designer: z-value when inserting items (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071776: [General] Field: Data Type ‘Duration’ (administrator) - resolved.

[2.15.1] - 08.Jun.2015

  • 0071773: [Report engine library] Dynamic image file names not considered sometimes in case you select ‘File’ source type (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071772: [General] Minor fixes, updates and adjustments (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071666: [Designer] Support for dynamic/custom string element (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071771: [Report engine library] Crash in standard-deviation (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071761: [General] To make Field settings dialog customisable for managing custom options. (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071768: [Designer] Expression-Builder in Barcode-Properies-Dialog (administrator) - resolved.

[2.15.0] - 21.Mar.2015

  • 0071761: [General] To make Field settings dialog customisable for managing custom options. (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071766: [General] Minor internal fixes (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071765: [Report engine library] Image: concatenate filename (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071756: [General] User defined functions to store script expressions in reports for re-using (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071759: [General] Built-in alternate background color for detail sections (administrator) - resolved.

[2.14.1] - 19.Feb.2015

  • 0071763: [General] Minor internal fixes (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071754: [Report engine library] Some adjustments in NCReportPreviewWindow class for easy customization (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071762: [Designer] Copy the edited report source xml to clipboard in designer (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071755: [Report engine library] Data source scope check of variables - it was turned off (administrator) - resolved.

[2.14.0] - 16.Jan.2015

  • 0071750: [Designer] additional function parameters in NCRDGraphItemDialogFactory (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071752: [General] Minor internal fixes, updates, adjustments (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071664: [Report engine library] Group footer: access to first/last row of that group (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071751: [General] Data trimming in groups to make optional (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071726: [Designer] Display input dialog for parameter (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071743: [General] Grouping by internal date functions: day, week, month, year (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071746: [General] Page filter support both with page range and list of pages for all report outputs. (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071735: [General] Language based localization (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071747: [Report engine library] QLocale settings to consider when the current language is set. (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071736: [General] Language dependent HTML template for Text item (administrator) - resolved.

[2.13.1] - 01.Dec.2014

  • 0071737: [Report engine library] Image relative path issue Batch report mode (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071740: [Designer] Running report in batch mode Designer support (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071739: [Report engine library] Data source relation issues (administrator) - resolved.
  • Several small fixes

[2.13.0] - 01.Oct.2014

  • 0071667: [Designer] Editor widget to choose data source fields/create templates: New Expression builder dialog

  • 0071726: [Designer] Display input dialog for parameter: In Designer, if an existing parameter has ‘?’ value then it is requested by a QInputDialog before running the report from designer.

  • 0071734: [Report engine library] Field Alignment issue: in Item model data sources using model based appearance roles now is optional

  • 0071733: [Designer] virtual function for customizing Designer dialogs: virtual void customizeDialog( QDialog* dialog ); method introduced for all designer dialogs

  • 0071729: [Designer] NCRDXMLDefReader export

  • 0071730: [General] Table view item: optional hide rows and columns. Designer has hide rows and hide columns input where you can set comma separated list of row or column indexes.

  • 0071731: [Report engine library] Barcode: QR code

  • 0071723: [Report engine library] rotate PDF +/- 90: PDF, PRINTER outputs can be rotated: 90, -90, 270, 180 degrees

  • 0071732: [Report engine library] make formal parameter ‘const’

  • 0071725: [General] New data source relation system: DATA RELATIONS now is much better supported general feature. It is useful for SQL and Item Model data sources WARNING! The reports that apply the old subquery/relation system must be modified in this version:

          - The detail's data source must be the root parent data source
          - All fields and expressions must have its data source identifier i.e: datasource.column
          To use the new data source relation system follow these rules:
          - A data source relation can be defined by simply set "child data source" and 
            giving the parent data source id. (as usual)
          - 1 parent can have only 1 child (1 to many relation)
          - You can specify the primary key column index. If a primary key column is defined 
            for the parent data source, you can use {PK} or {ID} expression in the child data 
            source query. (This is useful only in SQL data sources)
          - If you assign a data source relation to a detail section always set the root parent 
            data source to the detail. In earlier version we had to set the last child data source, 
            but it is outdated in 2.13.
          - Use dataSourceUpdateRequest(const QString& dataSourceID, const QString& foreignKeyValue); 
            signal to handle data source updates.
          - Use !$D{datasource.isEmpty()} print when expression of a detail section to hide the empty children data
  • 0071724: [General] Screen/Font DPI problem when Windows Desktop set to 125%, 150% enlarged view - fixed.

  • 0000000: Several other fixes and updates

[2.12.3] - 07.July.2014

  • 0071722: [General] HTTP location type for Text and Xml datasources (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071721: [Report engine library] QDoubleSpinBox mapping issue within the NCRDWidgetMapper (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071714: [General] Markdown library to integrate (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071711: [Report engine library] Mac specific options: to fix directives for Qt5 (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071698: [Designer] NCRDTestDialogFactory-Project <–> export declarations (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071712: [Designer] Parameter dialog: load parameters from file (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071713: [Report engine library] Table view item to consider the header font (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071719: [General] Storing custom options in report xml file (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071715: [Designer] Access to the dialog’s QWidgetMapper objects (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071710: [Report engine library] Disabled SVG feature causes an compilation error (administrator) - resolved.
  • Several minor fixes

[2.12.2] - 22.may.2014

  • 0071707: [General] Qt5.3 compatibility - resolved.
  • 0071700: [Report engine library] Allow disabling of features for building with minimal Qt - resolved.
  • 0071699: [Report engine library] Break condition for group headers - resolved.
  • 0071705: [Report engine library] QAbstractItemModel data source to use Qt::FontRole for labels and fields - resolved.
  • 0071671: [General] Memory optimalizations - resolved.
  • 0071696: [Designer] Batch report mode: how I can change the numeration of pages? - resolved.
  • 0071701: [Report engine library] sub report iteration: model changes doesn’t work - resolved.
  • 0071698: [Designer] NCRDTestDialogFactory-Project <–> export declarations - resolved.
  • 0071702: [Designer] tool tip in data source tree - resolved.
  • 0071697: [Designer] Designer: run report: error: no item model is defined. - resolved.
  • 0071683: [Designer] Variable assignment - resolved.
  • 0071703: [Designer] Display-/Edit-Role in customDatasource - resolved.
  • Several minor changes fixes and updates

[2.12.1] - 15.apr.2014

  • 0071590: [Report engine library] E-mail function to extend to the command line client (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071669: [Report engine library] Make SSL support in mail function optional (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071677: [Designer] Set Default width and text of the Field Item in Design mode (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071695: [Report engine library] Fix @SKIP_NEXT issue (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071691: [Designer] Default font style of the report (bold, italic, underline, strikethrough) to store (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071692: [Report engine library] Image with ‘URL from data source’ not updated (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071693: [Designer] designer crash when removing header/footer section (administrator) - resolved.
  • Several small adjusments and fixes

[2.12.0] - 31.mar.2014

  • 0071663: [Designer] Extensions for customer graph element - resolved.
  • 0071688: [Report engine library] Automatically use installed version of Zint - resolved.
  • 0071689: [Report engine library] NCReportEvaluator class to make customizable - resolved.
  • 0071674: [Report engine library] Relative path to the external file - resolved.
  • 0071684: [Designer] auto completing in barcode properties window - resolved.
  • 0071505: [Report engine library] XLS output format. (HTML customized for Excel) - resolved.
  • 0071678: [General] Text data source to set the source text encoding - resolved.
  • 0071666: [Designer] Support for dynamic/custom string element - resolved.
  • 0071664: [Report engine library] Group footer: access to first/last row of that group - resolved.
  • 0071665: [Designer] create new temporary datasources on the fly out of the provided datasources - resolved.
  • Designer user interface adjustments
  • Several other fixes, fine tuning and code clearing

[2.11.2] - 06.feb.2014

  • 0071656: [Report engine library] PDF output is not selectable under MacOSX (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071648: [Report engine library] Printing a range of pages of batch report does not work (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071655: [Report engine library] Fix secure SSL mode in LMailSender class (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071647: [Designer] General Custom/Graph Item Dialog using user defined dialog class (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071650: [Report engine library] Html output: QTextStream no device message in command line client (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071649: [General] HTML output improvements: Head options (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071645: [Designer] Drag&Drop Label As Field - parse problem (administrator) - resolved.
  • Several minor fixes an fine tuning

[2.11.1] - 12.dec.2013

  • 0071638: [Report engine library] Html Text Item: internal SCAN/ENDSCAN improvements (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071637: [Report engine library] HTML output improvements (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071634: [Report engine library] Use api level SQL connection ID besides connection ID defined in the report (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071636: [General] Ctrl+P shortcut to print (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071586: [Report engine library] 32/64 bit compile support in project file (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071628: [General] DisplayRole and EditRole functions (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071632: [General] FieldType to change to ItemSourceType (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071633: [Report engine library] Process Events mode in report director to make optional (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071509: [Report engine library] progress dialog (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071583: [Designer] Barcode: new item resource ‘Template’ (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071584: [General] reference to part of data sources field (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071619: [Report engine library] File missing! (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071615: [Report engine library] QImage mode - compile error (administrator) - resolved.
  • 0071618: [Designer] NCRDMainWindow::saveAs(QString fileName) (administrator) - resolved.

[2.11.0] - 01.Okt.2013

  • 0071605: [Report engine library] Preview system update for better memory footprint - implemented.

  • 0071536: [Designer] Data Source Manager Tree to support easy review, edit and drag+drop of fields for data source values, parameters and variables - implemented.

  • 0071604: [Report engine library] Qt5:Preview window + debug mode: Sometimes assert when preview rendering - resolved.

  • 0071603: [Report engine library] Qt5: Preview Window: Thin lines/rectangles in preview are sometimes not shown when 100% view - resolved.

  • 0071609: [Report engine library] Variables in the 2nd,3rd … data source to reset - resolved.

  • Other small fixes and adjusments

[2.10.1] - 17.Sep.2013

  • 0071555: [Designer] Other datasource name is not active in “Custom” datasource - resolved.
  • 0071594: [Report engine library] SVG output: row height problem when auto row height is on. - resolved.
  • 0071579: [Report engine library] Preview Window to enable using print without print dialog - resolved.
  • 0071566: [Report engine library] Regression: Rendering reports with report footer will fail with “Report footer is too large”. - resolved.
  • 0071596: [Designer] UTF16 Report encoding to remove from Designer - closed.
  • Some other minor fixes

[2.10.0] - 15.Aug.2013


  • 0071554: [General] Native HTML Output with CSS
  • 0071552: [General] setDefaultOutputFileName in NCReportPreviewWindow
  • 0071550: [Report engine library] Function to return whether data source has rows
  • 0071549: [General] Optionally (auto) adjust/pin report objects to right
  • 0071551: [General] Follow and save encoding setting of report XML file
  • 0071349: [Report engine library] Email support
  • 0071411: [Report engine library] Overriding a SQL data source
  • 0071563: [Designer] Allowed to edit Report Item ID in setting dialogs


  • 0071561: [General] Variable page reset scope to get worked
  • 0071548: [Report engine library] IMAGE by parameter not displayed if hosted by XML datasource
  • Designer adjustments
  • Lot of fixes and improvements

v2.1.2 (Unpublished version) Release date: 08 Oct 2008

new features:

  • QTextDocument printing is available in TextdocumentPrint mode. Only the page header and page footer are usable for this mode
  • Total pages (pagecount) system variable for TextdocumentPrint mode
  • Text document template feature logic has been changed. This service now enables texts in all item source types to be a template


  • Fixed this bug: NCReportOutput->option() sometimes returned a broken pointer when NCReport object was deleted before print preview window closed.
  • Using QImage instead of QPixmap for making report engine thread safe
  • System variables now are evaluated in expressions
  • Some other small fixes

v2.1.1 28 Jul 2008


  • Page size and orientation now is dynamically changed when user selects another page size/orientation in printer dialog
  • Insert Group between existing groups now is possible. The order of grouping levels can be set by Up/Down buttons in designer
  • Zoom function works in Designer


  • External connId was not checked for Parameters
  • Parameters were not substituted in Field declaration
  • Designer: Multiple selected Item (text/line) properties now are applied in even different sections
  • Designer: Change now is detected when undo/redo operations occure
  • Printing report from Print preview window: Orientation was always Portrait, even if report is Landscape.
  • PDF output under Qt4.4 : Wrong resolution was set and wrong output was generated
  • Designer: Top Ruler moves and follows document when horizontal scrolling the report document
  • Some other small fixes

[2.1.0] - 18 Jun 2008


  • Html/Text report item for QTextDocument printing. Dynamic height texts in detail
  • Option dialog for setting grid options and some defaults
  • New Test data editor main window. Multiple data tables are available with open from file feature. Test data are stored in one XML file
  • Group can start on a new page feature
  • Reprint group header on new page feature
  • Page break on (logical expression) condition
  • New toolbars for actions in designer
  • Field’s character length make able to set (number of printable characters)
  • Printer setup possibility (programatically) before printing from an application
  • Preview Window: enhancement some of keyboard functions: PgUp, PgDn should change the page when at the bottom/top state
  • Demo for using Designer (as shared lib) from an external Qt application
  • Add and compile Designer as a shared lib (dll) project
  • Designer’s main window: Toolbars, Geo editor state saving/restoring
  • Firebird/Interbase database support in binary install package
  • Resizeing buttons to make same width/height of items
  • Description for fields for better perspicuity of design


  • Now preferences can be opened
  • Designer: Copy/Paste is now working in multi-document
  • Grouping “ghost” footer after a group footer page break in some situations fixed
  • Group dialog: reset variables list order now is OK
  • GROUPING bug fixed: The group level didn’t change if the higher level changed but the lower didn’t
  • QIBASE driver was wrong in designer/Datasources dialog/External connection combo
  • When the toolbar symbol zoomin or zoomout was clicked, the “percentage” combobox was not followed. It always staid at 100 %.
  • Group Header “print on every page” now is working
  • Movement with keyboard with more objects in different areas
  • System variable “pageno” brings 0 in Page Header
  • Windows Installer of designer has a garbled “Run in…” entry
  • Switch “Show grid” can be saved by option dialog
  • Changing values in the Geometry Editor did not set “changed”
  • Designer Detail: max. heigth of Design was 99.99 mm
  • Report without Page Header/Footer crashed
  • Designer crashed in some situation, when adding datasource
  • Many other small fixes and corrections

[2.0.11] - 26 May 2008

  • Designer: Selection handling - leaved sections become unselected when a new item is selected at another section
  • Report Error messages now contain SQL error messages
  • Fixed the bug: External (built-in) sql database connection was not saved correctly.(designer)
  • Fixed the bug: External (built-in) sql database connection did not work properly (driver code was saved in xml file instead of driver name )
  • Fixed bug: Name of report was Untitled again after reloading report.
  • Fixed the bug occured when left- and Right justify in multiple sections. Now the first selected item as ‘master’ item works in inter-section environment
  • Some actions did not affect document change: Page option dialog, image dialog … Now this is fixed
  • Print to PDF directly in preview window -> missing icon image is fixed
  • Designer: Qt4.4 compiled version does not enable toolbar’s comboboxes. Now this bug fixed.

[2.0.10] - 19 May 2008

  • Undo/Redo system now works properly! (TODO: some features are not yet supported for undo such as Paste/Formatting)
  • Empty rows forbidden option introduced to datasources. This option makes report engine able to forbid running report if a datasource is empty
  • DataTime field data type now is supported
  • Date / DateTime default format string is removed
  • Direct print to PDF feature has been added to preview window
  • Labels now have gray background for better size visibility
  • Geometric editor’s bug fixed: spinbox now is not restricted to max 100
  • Save action button/menu now is enabled only when the current document is modified.
  • Alignment system fixes: first selected item now is the ‘master’ item
  • Other small bugfixes in designer

[v2.0.9] - 13 May 2008

  • Images now are able to be loaded from datasource by filename by using File name from Datasource feature
  • Implemented runReportToPreview(), runReportToPDF(), runReportToPrinter() new functions to make running reports simpler
  • Test data editor new feature added to designer
  • Fixed compilation problem caused by that NCReportAbstractItemRendering source files were in both directories ‘designer’ and ‘ncreport’
  • ncreportabstractitemrendering.cpp/.h files has been removed from ‘designer’ directory
  • Documentation update: All documentations has been integrated into one by Doxygen
  • Documentation update: A new Getting Started Guide added
  • ncreportelements.h/cpp obsolete files has been removed from project
  • Windows binary package is compiled with Qt4.3.4
  • Some other small fixes

[v2.0.8] - 26 Mar 2008

  • Relative include paths are added to project (.pro) files. The relative file path references has been removed from #include directives in all source files.
  • Changes in NCReportDataSource class, dataRole parameter added to value() methods
  • NCReportItemModelDataSource class has been extended to handling Qt::EditRole, Qt::UserRole, Qt::DecorationRole for values
  • Designer now supports opening reports from SQL database and and saving reports to SQL database
  • Fixed the crash occured when opening report was unsucceeded and after selecting window menu in designer
  • IMPORTANT! Fixed the variable calculation bug in report engine that is occured after page break. The bug caused unneccessary update for variables, fields
  • Some other small fixes

[2.0.7] - 29 Feb 2008

  • Lib export directive fixes for specied classes to avoid link error under Windows when using ncreport2.lib
  • Examples/demos now can be compiled/linked without errors under Windows
  • Windows binary setup package now includes the compiled demos
  • Some project files renamed or added for full one step compilation
  • Preview window show pageno/pages in statusbar


  • datasource class now is implemented and documented
  • Demo for using Item Modeldatasource### Added
  • ID handling changes for StringList datasource and Item Model datasource both in engine and designer
  • Vertical bar and Custom delimiter character handling for Text and StringList datasources
  • Demo reports has been renamed
  • Some other small fixes


  • Word wrapping problem for Labels and Fiels fixed.
  • Extended the alignment feature to inter-section behaviour in Designer.
  • $ symbol now is acceptable in SQL query text box in Designer
  • Grid properties now apply to report header and footer when adding a new group in Designer.
  • Field’s width now is not changed after setting it’s properties.
  • Added a feature to datasources to be able to add as a parameter.
  • Fixes in datasource dialog in Designer.
  • Fixed the crash that occured when a new file was saved at the first time.
  • Added setReportDef() function to NCReport for adding report definition directly.
  • Some bugfixes in runner testform.
  • Fixed the GROUP LEVEL bug which caused a wrong group level processing in NCReport engine.
  • Added more example reports
  • Added Demos for examples of using NCReport class.
  • Documentations added or extended
  • Northwind Sample MySQL database script fixed to Utf-8 encoded
  • Many other small bugfixes


  • Running report from designer feature added
  • Fixes and additions in datasource dialog in designer
  • Fixed bug caused crash in designer when unsucceded open occured.
  • Fixed bug caused crash in designer when removed the last datasource from datasource panel
  • Z-order of report objects now is saved correctly by designer
  • Many other bugfixes and completions
  • NCReport object creation code moved to main.cpp -s
  • External object handling fixes for such as custom datasource, stringlist datasource, custom items
  • Sample of custom datasource added to runner test application’s main.cpp
  • Sample of stringlist datasource added to runner test application’s main.cpp
  • Sample of custom graph item added to runner test application’s main.cpp
  • More sample report file attached
  • Runner test form is redesigned
  • ts files generated for internationalization


  • internal and external SQL connection handling fixes
  • Multiple database connection feature in designer
  • Graph/custom item handling completions
  • Many bugfixes


  • Fixes, unpublished version


  • Many fixes and completing features